LSP Band

Wayne-o from a Fall 2013 LEON SPRINGS DANCEHALL gig in San Antonio...

Thomas "Mr. T" Lowry is a co-founder with Wayne-o of the band and has now played 18 years as our lead guitarist and vocalist.  What can you say about Mr. T?  He makes that TELE TALK I tell ya....

Ron Haddock joined the LSP band in July 2014.  We gained an excellent Bass player and vocalist.   Ron is a terrific skilled pro musician and singer too, plus a pretty nice guy!  You will want to hear this guy sing some MAVERICKS tunez....WOW!

 June 2016...LONE STAR PICKERZ Welcomes our official new 

Drummer & Vocalist  Ryan Goeth!  


Wayne-o and his 1980 D-35 C.F. MARTIN guitar

Thomas "Mr. T" Lowry  playing one of his all aluminum bodied hand made guitars he invented...."BIG T GUITARS"  very kool!

Your tour guide, Wayne-o Martin at LEON SPRINGS DANCE HALL...a HONKY & TONKY BIG TIME DANCE HALL on I-10 in San Antonio

A TASTE OF THE HILLS event picture of Mr. T.  2010 will be our 5th year of being the exclusive band for this prestigious event.  It is the Buverde-Spring Branch Chamber of Commerce fundraising annual event held in the Fall.

Howdee...I'm Wayne-o Martin and your tour guide.  It's been a fun ride all the way back to jamming on the porch at Honey Creek with Steve Sellers and becoming "DOS PICKERZ" in '96.  We changed the name and now it's 18 years LATER & we are STILL having fun and the LONE STAR PICKERZ is still pickin for crowds in South Texas~


Wayne-o sittin in with SLIM ROBERTS and the TEXAS WEATHER BAND!  That's SLIM on Fiddle,  DON PACK on Steel and REUBEN PRESAS on Drums.  Slim has a terrific band and good long time saddle Palz!   Go hear them sometime....

Thomas and his SUNBURST FENDER TELECASTER and FENDER AMP!  He is a FOUNDING MEMBER of the LONE STAR PICKERZ  dating back to '96!  His vocals are outstanding in all styles, plus his SEARING BLUES riffs and HOT twangin Swangin COUNTRY sounds are hard to imagine or just gotta hear this boy PLAY!

Pickin' on the deck of SHADE TREE SALOON in Spring Branch!

Another TASTE OF THE HILLS event picture of Wayne-o.

some of our very FIRST "IRRITATIONS"

A strange picture of Mr. T. TASTE OF THE HILLS event.    2010 will be our 5th year of being the exclusive band for this prestigious event.  It is the Buverde-Spring Branch Chamber of Commerce fundraising annual event held in the Fall.

 BIG FUN WEDDING in FALL 2009...cowboy style!  Angie looks great, huh!

this is a DOG's view of Thomas after he hit that BLUES note...Huuuuhh?


In May 2012 Walt "TOOTER" Ripps rejoins the LONE STAR PICKERZ!  Tooter was with us for about 5 years on his first "tour of duty" and we hated to see him go, but Conrad stepped back in and worked with us another 3 years. Tooter has joined the Drugstore Cowboys band with our Pal Dub Robinson as of Jan. 2013.  Both Tooter and Conrad will continue to work with us occasionally in special situations, and we are always thrilled to have such a high quality musician, vocalist, sound engineer and human working with us anytime.  We will miss our ol saddle Pal TOOTER!

 The Buverde-Spring Branch Chamber of Commerce fundraising annual event held in the Fall is the TASTE OF THE HILLS event.   2010 will be our 5th year of being the exclusive band for this prestigious event. 

LONE STAR PICKERZ playing a Fall 2009 Wedding near Victoria. In 2012 Conrad moved on except in select events, and Walt "Tooter" Ripps has rejoined the band as our bassist & vocalist and supreme sound techie!  Adios Connie, Bon Voyage, Welcome Tooter!

Our Pal Buddy has retired from the LONE STAR PICKERZ band as of July 2014, but he will ALWAYS be an alumni of the band and close saddle Pal.

After over 1,000 LSP GIGZ, John has left the building for the 2nd time, and we wish him well and will miss his incredible talent. There ain't no doubt, th boy is IN The POCKET!

1973, living in Austin and Wayne-o was there with Kay....youngsters just 2 years out of High School.  That day we only had BEER to drink and it was 105 in the shade...but there WASN'T any shade....I paid $20. to someone who put up a parachute as a tent to sit in his shade...many many fine bands of the era played that day & night....

I think...

This was our second LSP logo that Mr. Pat Austin created for me in 1997.  Pat was not only an NFL Pro lineman for the K.C. Chiefs, he was a famous graphic artist.  You have seen Pat's work around S.A. (Frost Bank and many many more), and the WORLD (NASA...yup the one on the side of the rockets, etc without the side bar in the letter "A").  Pat is gone now, but he was my pal and a great artist and Dad.  Pat also created my Martin Marketing logo.


These folks have been following the band for years.  We call them PICKERHEADZ!  These Palz of the LONE STAR PICKERZ band are Darleen & Ron, who are converted TEXAS Kerr-Verts (Kerrville residents) who were originally from Minnesota.  She is always a sharp-dressed cutie-pie, and he is a handsome Nordic type who just got his foot stepped on (see his eyes light up?) They are wonderful folks, like all of our PICKERHEADZ. We usually get to visit with them at 11th Street Cowboy Bar in Bandera on steak nights.  You too can become a PICKERHEAD!  Just send Wayne-o an e-mail and we will put you on our PICKERHEADZ e-mail list too.

LSP Band 2

LONE STAR PICKERZ shot in 2004 at the historic CABERET DANCE HALL.  This venue and stage has hosted the who's who of COUNTRY music since 1936 in Bandera TX,  COWBOY CAPITOL OF THE WORLD!  Pictured are LSP Band Alumni John Damaini on drumz.

Mr. Slim of AMERICA's brightest talents on vocals and his fine fiddle!  Past bands? TEX RITTER in the late 40's! Current Band? SLIM ROBERTS and TEXAS WEATHER BAND!  Slim has retired his band..but Dang, they were wonderful! ( great folks and friends too!) Pictured along with Slim are LSP Band Alumni John Damaini on Drumz.

Mr. T.....blazing a lead run on the big stage at 11th Street Cowboy Bar in BANDERA~

This was from one of the early gigs...1997

Wayne-o & THE IRRITATIONS (thanks to Deborah Kay for the title)

This is what the band might have looked like.... 120 years earlier!

LSP Circa 2000...with ALUMNI CONRAD "CONNY" GOETH on BASS & VOCALS and John Damaini on Drums~from a BIG Polish Wedding gig at Port Lavaca, TX


JOE HARGUS died in 2008 and he was a founding member of DOS PICKERZ which later became LONE STAR PICKERZ.  He taught Thomas and Wayne-o alot of stuff and was a warm, talented and brilliant human...we will never forget him..REST IN PEACE JOE........WE MISS YOU

Thomas and his VERDE TELE singin' some BLUES!

First Jamm of Bob Edwards + Wayne Martin    later to become

THE HILLWILLIAMS Duo / in Creede Colorado......2001

Wayne-o & Bob Edwards~ THE HILL WILLIAMS in Creede Colorado

Bob is in the California Western Swing Hall of Fame!  This OKIE native creates some verrrry SWEEEEET sounds from that fiddle!

Wayne-o & Saddle Pal Bob Edwards and posing after a July 2009 duo gig in Creede, Colorado as the HILLWILLIAMS!  This is our 3rd year. Big, Big Fun!

In May 1996 Steven O. Sellers said "Lets go to HONEY CREEK to a jam session, Dude".  Off we went...and we got hired by Kelly as a duo. It's been a helluva ride since! Bill played bass alternating with Buddy Braun. Steve left DOS PICKERZ soon for his KONO radio gig where he worked on-air weekends. Thomas Lowry replaced him on lead and we are today!

YEEEEEEEEEEEE HAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW~  it's another Bandera Gig UNDER THE STARZ at 11th Street Cowboy Bar where we play exclusively in 2009 in Bandera Texas~

When we play "SOUTH'S GONNA DO IT AGAIN"....WAYNE-O MEANS IT!  This is his Great Grandfathers grave in Palo Pinto, Texas. Wayne's Great Grandfather, Charles C Martin was assigned to Company C of the 9th Battalion, Missouri Sharpshooters, Confederate States of America. They fought in the Trans Mississippi campaigns.


This is one of Thomas Lowry's BIG T Guitars.  He came up with the concept of a  guitar of two plates of plate aluminum sandwiched as the body of the guitar housing all electronics between the two plates.  All guitars are custom made to the clients request and are powder coated for a smooth and gorgeous colorful finish!  They are typically lighter than many wood bodied guitars and because they are thinner, they are more comfortable to play!  Most of all tone from a guitar actually comes from the pick-ups and strings, not the wood ( as many guitar makers preach!)  BIG T Guitars uses the finest pickups available and also can be custom ordered to the customers specifications.  The neck is from a famous maker that makes necks for many private brand guitar makers too.  Again, this can be custom ordered by the Thomas Lowry for more information. (210)-289-3167



Lois & Thomas....#1 PICKERHEAD Dancers!

ONLY at 11th Street Cowboy Bar in PICKERHEADZ arrive horseback!

Irritations from HELOTES CORNYVAL 2007

TEXAS 46 Irritations

Texas 46 Irritations...nice dredz Wayne-o

Texas 46 Irritations.....just in from Vegas!

Fred & Ginger?

Irritations @ 11th Street

Irritations @ 11th Street---nice hair Sherri!

Boom Shaka-Laka

Howlin at the moon to HONKY TONK WOMEN!

Chuck "The Bucket" & Sherri...DANCERZ?PICKERHEADZ?  YUP!

Another Saturday night at Texas 46 and it was PACKED!

Cheri & Barry.....They met at Texas 46 in 04, fell in love dancing to our band.  Then, when the wedding bells rang, we played for the reception...they are STILL dancing at Texas 46 and still in LOVE 3 years later!

Mr. T and assorted Irritations

Wayne-o & go grrrrl!

What a night!~  What a crowd! ~ Lovlee Irritations!

Musical Hero's

ALAN JACKSON-Georgia's Best!  Thomas covers "Tropical Depression" and Wayne-o covers "Pop a Top"

B.B. King  BLUES KING!  He is especially a HERO of Thomas.  He covers "Thrill is Gone" and you can hear his influence in his guitar playing...

Wayne-o's ex-partner and Pal...Bill Mack..songwriter DeLuxe and Country DJ CMA Hall of Fame legend...Bill is a Grammy winner for "BLUE" (Lee Ann Rhymes) and hit writer of....."DRINKING CHAMPAGNE" (George Strait and many more)

~BROOKS & DUNN~ Wayne-o covers "Boot Scootin Boogie" and "Neon Moon", both are dancers fav's.

A native TEXAN from Sherman, TX.  Buck changed Country & WESTERN music forever.  He hired Merle Haggard to play in his band, and invented the "Bakersfield Sound".  Wayne-o salutes him with a trilogy he calls a BUCK-A THON

More Hero's

Charlie Pride..a Missisippi native ( Like Thomas) and for many years a Dallas TX Gentleman!  Wayne-o covers "Mountain Of Love" and "All I Have to Offer You Is Me"

      Chuck Berry ....St. Louis' BEST!    Ever seen this cat do the DUCKWALK??  Wayne-o covers "You Never Can Tell" and Thomas does "Go Johnny Go"!

David Allen Coe from Dallas TX.  Wayne-o covers the standard Country sing-a-long "You Never Even Called Me By My Name"

Delbert McClinton HAILS from Fort Worth!  This Man WAILS and has for 40 + years!!!  Wayne-o covers "Sending Me Angels" and "Old Weakness"

Patsy Cline & Don Gibson...2 of Country Music's best!  Wayne covers Don's "Sea of Heartbreak" plus Patsy's (and Bob Wills) "Faded Love" .

A Kentucky boy with Bakersfield BUCK-COUNTRY soul.  Thomas covers "Guitars & Cadillacs" and Wayne-o covers "Thousand Miles From Nowhere"

The early 60's BEATLES changed music forever!  Wayne-o covers "All My Lovin" plus "And I Love Her"

The MARSHALL TUCKER BAND circa 1977....We opened for them at 11th Street Cowboy Bar in 2007.  What a world class band they are in today's version of the original.  FANTASTIC SHOW!

Darrell McCall...We opened for Darrell at CORNYVAL two years running...What a TREAT!  This Man has UNBELIEVABLE Pipes and a GREAT SHOW! 

R.I.P. Mr. Les Paul & Mr. Chet Atkins..two of the BEST PICKERZ EVER!

RAY BENSON & ASLEEP AT THE WHEEL~9 time Grammy Award Winning Band....  It was our honor to open for them at 11th Street Cowboy Bar in 2007.  Thomas does a great job on Asleep's version of "ROUTE 66".

From San Angelo TX, Ernest Tubbs spent 50 years on the OPRY!  Wayne-o covers "Waltz Across Texas" and "Walking The Floor Over You"

This is Jim Phillips' band ( he is far left holding the guitar and lead singer).  Jim, who is deceased, was Wayne-o's uncle who taught him how to play guitar and loaned him pro gear to be in a High School rock band in the late 60's. Forever and ever his hero!.

Wayne-o doin VEGAS the RIGHT way....YEAH BABY!!!

Stevie Ray Vaughn from Austin, TX...left this ol world way too soon! Thomas covers "Mary Had A Little Lamb" and "House Is Rockin"  

The Eagles were one of the first bands in the 70's that blurred the lines between Rock and Roll and Country.  Impeccable harmonies and well written songs have kept them booked world wide in enormous venues for over 3 decades!  Wayne-o does Love Will Keep Us Alive.

OK...I have worked out our 4 week summer tour....but don;t tell the band

...these venues in New Mexico and Colorado are surprises!!!!!  Oy Veh!

OK...I have worked out our 4 week summer tour....but don't tell the band

...these venues in New Mexico and Colorado are surprises!!!!!  WEEK 2!

OK...I have worked out our 4 week summer tour....but don;t tell the band

...these venues in New Mexico and Colorado are surprises!!!!!  WEEK 3!

OK...I have worked out our 4 week summer tour....but don;t tell the band

...these venues in New Mexico and Colorado are surprises!!!!!  FINAL WEEK!

The other news?  All 4 members of the Lone Star Pickerz band AND our gassy sound man, Lester, will be staying in my travel trailer for 4 weeks....oh, what fun it is to be in a band   in a one horse smelly RV.

No doubt!   Go see MARK at GUITAR TEX on McCullough

in San Antonio today...ask for a C.F. Martin for EXTRA hotness!

Heaven....complete with a 5 pound bass on every cast!

also part of my heavenly backyard....

part of my daydreams of heaven...

Headwaters Saloon is in Harper TX North and East of Kerrville in the REAL hill's always a PARTY and bring a group out, they rent beautiful new cabins right there on the could crawl home after our gig!

This is the kind of stuff what we have to compete with for your attention weekly!!!

Buddy & Wayne-o

Lester, our future sound Man ( and teen age Palz with Wayne-o) cuttin a rug in Bandera at 11th Street Cowboy Bar (that poor unnamed lady) dancing to the LONE STAR PICKERZ.   LESTER!!! Get back to workin SOUND!



ALWAYS check out the band you open for BEFORE commiting to a gig! ( Lesson to Wayne-o.)..

From TURKEY, TX..BOB WILLS...He still IS the KING!  Wayne-o covers San Antonio Rose on Mandolin and Faded Love, plus Roly Poly too~

JIMMY BUFFETT...Wayne-o has been a PARROT HEAD for 35 years! Allllllllllrighty Where are those special and fabulous ladies we like to call "The IRRITATIONS"?  It's time to sing MARGARITAVILLE again!  Got your salt shakerz handy?

Charlie Daniels....ALL AMERICAN PICKER & Fiddler!  Thomas covers   "The South Is Gonna Do It Again" and folks just can't be still. 

Don & Phil Everly....HARMONY LIKE NO OTHERS!  John and Wayne-o cover the fine duet "Let It Be Me"...

Don Rich, Buck Owens lead guitarist/fiddler and vocalist Soul Brother ...Don had a unique style that influenced MANY on the FENDER TELECASTER guitar.  He is now singing HARMONY with BUCK HEAVEN!

Will there ever be another KING?  NOPE!  Wayne-o covers "Don't Be Cruel" and on special dates "TRILOGY".

Our Texas Treasure has left this world.  Who's gonna fill his shoes???  Mr. GEORGE JONES.....many have tried to emulate him, but no one can.  From the GOLDEN TRIANGLE of TEXAS...Vidor, TX  We will miss you, Possum!   Wayne-o covers "He Stopped Loving Her Today", "She Thinks I Still Care" and  "The Race Is On".

GEORGE STRAIT...only 60 # 1 HITS?  WOW!!!!! And he lives in the Dominion in San Antonio!  Wayne-o covers "Write This Down", "Amarillo By Morning", "The Big One" and a couple more. George is LIVING COUNTRY MUSIC HISTORY, and he is STILL WRITING IT!

HANK.....The absolute very best!  Never ever will we see the likes of him again!!  Thomas & Wayne-o covers alot of the Hank songbook, including the all time classic "Your Cheating Heart", "Jambalaya" and "Take These Chains".


Oswald Trio...KILLER TALENT!

RICKY NELSON....In any language....enormous talent!

WILLIE....TEXAS BEST!    Wayne-o covers the Townes Van Zandt penned song / Willie and Merle hit "Pancho & Lefty". 

Faron Young...the Singin Sheriff....Wayne-o covers "Wine Me Up" and croons out a WALTZ with Faron's "Four In The Morning", one of his many many hits

Eric Clapton...from early days with CREAM to Derick & the his stellar solo career, this Englishman has always been a BLUES MAN!  Thomas covers "Wonderful Tonight" and "Before You Acuse Me".

Guy Clark...born in  Monahans, TX and raised near Corpus Christi this is one of Americas brightest songwriters and someone Wayne-o slammed on the brakes of his rent car to meet on 16th Avenue in Nashtown....

Jerry Jeff  Walker..or as some know him....ol Jacky Jack.  What a songwriter!!  How about "Mr. Bojangles" which Wayne-o covers.  JJW is a FOUNDING Father of the original Austin TEXAS Country sound and put Luckenback Texas on the map long before Waylon's song did!

Joe Ely...Another founder of the original Austin TEXAS music sound and he's from Lubbock!  That West Texas red dirt can sure grow some musicians and songwriters!  He also is a member of the Flatlanders.  Wayne-o covers "I Had My Hopes Up High"

John Prine...His vocals are definately unique, and John is one of the most brilliant songwriters ever...many have covered his songs including George Strait's "Write This Down"

Keith Urban from Australia.  This boy writes well, sings incredibly and is a smokin' telecaster player, and his wife ain;t bad either...Nicole Kidman.  Wayne-o covers "Your Everything"

Keith Whitley....amazing musician, singer and songwriter.....and proof that whiskey can kill you...a bright star that flamed out way too early.  Wayne-o covers "Don't Close Your Eyes".

Lee Roy Parnell....from Abilene, Texas...great performer, singer and slide guitarist MASTER!  Thomas covers "Knock Yourself Out"

Lefty original TEXAS singer songwriter....He and Hank Williams toured, roomed and partied together for a long time.   They were both huge Country music hitmakers in the very early 50's at the same time, so they swapped out who would open for who night after night!  Wayne-o covers "Always Late".

Leon Payne from San Antonio, Texas was a brilliant songwriter as well as performer at the national level. His song "I Love You Because" has been covered by many legendary artists including Elvis Presley.  His Granddaughter Pam is a Pal of Wayne-o's daughter.  Wayne-o covers a WALTZ Leon wrote called "You've Still Got A Place In My Heart"

Marty Robbins was a true WESTERN singer and fantastic songwriter as well as performer.  "El Paso"  "Big Irons" were two of his biggest  "Western" hits, yet "My Woman, My Woman My Wife" and "Devil Woman" which Wayne-o covers, proved he could write about LOVE too.

Merle Haggard. Mighty, Mighty Merle may be Country musics BEST since the 60's!  Sing....write...perform...unmatched in quality and quantity!  Wayne-o covers several including  "Silver Wings" "Mama Tried", "The Fugitive"and "The Bottle Let Me Down".  Thomas plays some signature licks in his own unique style.

Radney Foster is a Del Rio, Texas native and is one of the brightest Texas Singer Songwriters that emerged in the 90's.  Thomas covers "Just Call Me Lonesome" that is a great 2 step tune!

Ray Charles....Rhythm & Blues, Oldies Rock & Roll, Country and more...there wasn't anything he couldn't sing and play well.  Wayne-o covers "You Don't Know Me" a wonderful Cindy Walker written tune, and it is a slow dancing favorite.

Ray Price is from East Texas and has quite a history!  He would take the stage for Hank Williams and perform Hank's songs with the Drifting Cowboys as an 18 year old young Man when Hank was "incapacitated"..  Later he started his own band the Cherokee Cowboys with an enormous string of hits!  His band has an alumni list of the Who's Who in Country music including Willie Nelson, Johnny Bush, Darrel McCall, Johnny Paycheck and many more. Wayne-o covers his fantastic hits including "Crazy Arms" , Heartaches By The Number" and "Invitation To The Blues", "Burning Bridges"..and more!

The Rolling Stones, AKA...the Stones, Mick & The Boys....they wrote ROCK & ROLL history....and they are still writing today!  John & Wayne-o sings their hit as a duet,  "Time Is On My Side", a favorite of dancers and Pickerheadz!

Roy Orbison from West Texas is an enormous inflence on all music since the 50's.  Elvis called him "The BEST singer alive".  Wayne-o covers "Pretty Woman", always a favorite and distintive song from  John's first drum beat!

Vince OKIE with a TEXAS soul!  Man, this guy has it ALL!  Plays his Fender Telecaster at Master Elite level, writes unbelievably well, and sings in that tenor voice some of the most moving balads you will ever hear!  Plus, Vince has a great sense of humor and what a history from vocals/lead guitar in  both Pure Prarie League, and the Emmy Lou Harris band and his own GREAT works since the 80's. Thomas does a great job on "One More Last Chance"

Leon Rausch and the TEXAS PLAYBOYS!  We had the pleasure to be an opening band for this historic and wonderful musical group in September 08.  Bob Wills would be PROUD of these guys!  Wayne=o sings "Faded Love", "Maidon's Prayer" and "Roly Poly".

These ladies are some of the CLASSIEST and BEST LOOKIN' IRRITATIONS EVER in our 12 year LONE STAR PICKERZ history~ We are booked for the APRIL 2009 gig now!  VERRRRRRRRRY KOOL! :: Band Website Design Builder