Here is a list of places over the years we have played and may play again in the future...




11th Street Cowboy Bar STEAK NIGHT!
PARTYTOWN TEXAS, 11th Street, Bandera , TX, We play on weekends for their big DANCE, or on WEDNESDAY nights at 6 for STEAK NIGHT. Just b
ring your steak or chicken or sausage and the grills will be HOT for you to cook it!  11th Street furnishes a paper plate and hardware, plus beans, salad and potatoe salad for $4 bucks!  The also furnish the BAND and DANCE's always a hoot..hell, last time, we had a CONGA LINE WALTZ (thanks Chuck & Sherri) and The IRRITATIONS showed up in masse and were everywhere on stage!  BIG FUN TIME!   DIRECTIONS:  11th Street runs paralell to Main Street just one block NORTH, so when you get to the light on Hwy 16 @ Main Street, stay in the left lane and go straight on block to 11th Street and turn right.




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